Jelato Love is a project space in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, initiated with the intention of exhibiting emerging international contemporary artists and practitioners, collaborating with local talents, and supporting a multitude of voices, forms, and cultures, sharing ideas with a diverse community.

The name ‘Jelato’ makes fun of the ridiculous amount of Gelaterias in Palma catering to mass tourism, while ‘Love’ embraces the abstraction of the concept.

Jelato Love was founded by Javier Esteban and Ché Zara Blomfield in March 2018.

Artists we love include: Aaron Graham , Aleksandra Domanovic , Body by Body , Carson Fisk-Vittori, Daniel Keller , Eike König , Ella Goerner , Elsa Bleda , Erin Jane Nelson , Estrid Lutz and Emile Mold , Giovanna Olmos , Guerrilla Girls, Harm van den Dorpel, Helen Marten , Jasper Spicero , Jessi Reaves, JODI.ORG , Joey Holder, Jon Rafman , Kate Steciw, Katja Novitskova , Keith Allyn Spencer, Lisa Holzer, Mai Ueda, Maria Nepomuceno, Marjetica Potrc, Martina Spetlova, Mathieu Hagelaars/Studio Hagel, Max Lamb, Michael Pybus, Miltos Manetas, Nina Crisante, Nora Renaud, Petra Cortright, Priscilla Tea, R. Lord, Rachel de Joode, Rainer Ganahl, Rene Wagner, Rita Vitorelli, Sara Ludy, Sophie Jung, Stelios Karamanolis, Tula Plumi, and Yanyan Huang.

Our Friends are: Ashley Berlin, Isidro Barroso, The Composing Rooms, Daily Lazy, Kostyál, New Galerie, New Scenario, Bar Plaça, Cafeteria Los Patines, Pushkin & Gogol, Spike Art Magazine, Teri Garten, Thirsty Moon, Welcome Screen, Varda Artists Residency, and you.